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The main news here at Board 4 Life is that our leading clothing brand Aspect Snow now has it's own website. While you can still buy some items direct from here our main focus for our snowboard inspired clothing is Aspect {Snow} and we suggest you head on over there first if you are looking to buy a hoody, t-shirt or beanie. The Board 4 Life website itself will now cover a broader range of topics, all strictly focused on snowboarding.
  • :: Clothing ::
    • Aspect Snow
      Check out the snowboard hoodies, t-shirts and girls snowboard tops from the website of our dedicated clothing line
    • Board 4 Life
      We have a selected range of our original Board 4 Life branded clothing for shipping through Europe. Note that many of our designs have been moved across to Aspect Snow.
    • Epic Apparel
      Epic Apparel; new clothing designs centred around snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding
    • Snowsphere
      Global snowboard inspired designs licensed from snowsphere
  • :: Reviews ::
    Coming soon!
  • :: Snowboard FAQ's ::
    Coming soon!
  • New website launch
    Today saw the relaunch of our dedicated snowboard website; bringing it kicking and screaming into the 2010's! While it is still possible to purchase clothing our focus has shifted, as our sister site Aspect Snow is now our main retail outlet, and Board 4 Life expands to cover more areas of snowboarding with reviews, news and articles.
  • How to get started
    Always wanted to try your hand at snowboarding (perhaps try your feet is a more appropriate metaphor here!), well read on, it may well be one of the best things you have ever done...
  • Using Lifts
    Lifts fill many a snowboarder with fear, often for years, here we try and lessen that worry with a few tips
  • Things to avoid
    No matter how long you've been snowboarding there is always more to learn. In this article we are not looking at trick or riding progression but tidbits of information on how to have more fun
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